Wednesday, September 14

Final Fantasy Advent Children Released

... in Japan. Yep, the dvd and umd versions of the CG movie sequel to Final Fantasy VII is now widely available. I expect bootlegs and fansubbed-versions to make their way here very soon. Whatever happens though, my own Japanese copy of the dvd is already being shipped to me as I write this (I'll have it in 4-12 days according to the seller).

I'm so hyped for this, and I know a lot of you out there are excited as well. I do know that quite a few of you out there might not have had the pleasure of playing FFVII, and therefore I have to warn you... full enjoyment of Advent Children really is only possible if you played the game. There's so much story, plots, characters and emotion wrapped up in the over 60+ hours of gameplay that a 97-minute movie can barely manifest the richness of FFVII. Much is left to the imagination and the knowledge of the source material to fill up.

All I can recommend to non-FFVII players who want to see AC is to either get a good plot-guide and do your reading, or just grab a copy of the game and start playing. Still, by itself Advent Children is a sight to see. The action and CG quality are worth the price of admission alone. However, the story and revelations, the continuation of what the game left off... for fans, this is priceless.

The next time I write about AC, it will be after I've seen the film myself. Till then, this is the MAD Advent Children report, signing off.

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