Monday, September 12

Advent Children Hong Kong

Yeah, we hate the Venetians for being able to watch FFVII Advent Children ahead of the rest of the world. We can now add Hong Kong to the hit list, as the CG movie is now available there, right now. Thanks to HK's liberal trade policies, they can release earlier than Japan (where the laws are more stringent and thus release dates have to be followed to the letter).
Already, spoiler pics and discussions are spreading in various forums. I can't resist taking a look, but then again, how can I even be more spoiled? I just want to see the darn movie already and marvel at the amazing CG, the awesome fight sequences and the pleasure of seeing the Final Fantasy VII cast in living, bigger-than-life motion. Well, I'm expecting my Japanese copy of the film perhaps in a couple of weeks- probably a bootleg will appear soon in local anime shops. Hope, hope!

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