Wednesday, September 14

Rising Angel

Fallen Angel #1 coming for the Holidays.

Newsrama just posted a preview of Fallen Angel #1 by writer/creator Peter David and new artist J.K. Woodward. To recall, the original FA series was originally released by DC and cancelled after a 20-issue run. However, the loyal fan base has been so vocal and supportive of the title that Mr. David was able to swing a resurrection and give the character of Lee a new lease of life under IDW Publishing.

The pages... well... the pages look incredible. As was said in my previous post, Mr. Woodward's photo-realistic style isn't limited to covers... his interior pages have the same quality and it's pretty awesome. It's like seeing Fallen Angel: The TV series. Anyway, it's good to see that despite the change in art style, the character will remain true to her previous incarnation- from her costume to the creepy, creepy way her feet never touch the ground. Fortunately readers both new and old will finally find the truth about Lee's aversion to the earth and more when the character's origina is revealed in the new series. The new first issue will be a jumping-on point for new readers, as well as giving loyal fans good service. Yayness!

Alternate FA#1 cover by Fernando Blanco.

Fallen Angel #1 comes floating in this December from IDW Publishing.

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