Sunday, February 8

Addition and Subtraction

Over the weekend I cut away and added stuff to my life. On the cutting side, I went off and had my hair cut... in a big way. Yep, I finally got the 'semikal' haircut I've been thinking about for months. Semikal is in fact, semi-kalbo (bald), which means my hair is pretty much little more than stubble. It's pretty radical for me, I guess, but when I did it, it was pretty easy and painless. I just walked into a salon (perhaps some barbershop would have been adequate, but what the hey) and said 'semikal!'
The barber started buzzing away with his clipper. The guy remarked at the round shape of my head, which he said was 'perfect' for the cropped hairstyle. Heh. I've never had anyone say that about my head before. It felt good. Kinda. Heh. So now, here I am. My head's a lot cooler, and I should be able to save a lot on shampoo. Don't have to worry about combing (Not that I did before) at all. This is great!


The Addition of the weekend is my acquisition of a stationary exercise bike. I've been thinking about buying a mountain bike for the past several months (since last year, actually), so I can have a bit of physical exertion and have a nice way of zipping down to the store to get goodies. Well, I won't be going anywhere with the exercise bike, but I will be able to exercise and burn calories while watching Animax or playing videogames. The only problem is, that the Sanctum is now even more crowded than ever. I may have to sacrifice some stuff... perhaps the Bean Throne... to make more space.

Nah. I think it's cozy. HOHO!

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