Monday, March 7

Cab Story

On the way to work today, I took a cab and halfway to the office the cabbie talked to me about how gas prices are going to go up again today. The talk eventually led to his situation at work, where in one of his jobs (where he has been working for 17 years) he hasn't been paid his salary for 11 months. Though I was only half-listening at the outset, hearing this made my hackles rise. I can't fathom not getting paid for one month- HOW THE HECK CAN YOU SURVIVE WITHOUT BEING PAID FOR ALMOST A YEAR??? Well, apparently the guy has other works that keeps him and his family (he has four kids) from starving. But sometimes, they fall short and sometimes had to practically beg the company to dole out some cash (the last time being to pay for their kid's medical bills). Of course, their company has assets and their boss supposedly has NINE cars and all the upper management people are well off.
Well, after taking all that shit they finally got together to go to the Department of Labor to help them out. I pretty much told him to keep at it until they nail their frickin' corrupt bosses to cough up what's due. It's just crazy.

Anyway, got down and got to work. Damn, do I feel lucky.

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