Friday, March 4


Now that K.I.A. is going to print (saw the paper stock we're using last night), I'm here at a bit of a calm before the storm. I think I have a bit of time to rest, but that's probably wishful thinking. Still gotta think of the K.I.A. website (though someone else will be doing it- I'll just be writing the text), posters and display materials for use at Comic Quest, and the inevitable need for PR and exposure in any and every anime, comic or hobby event there is from March onwards to the end of the year. And I STILL want to hold that Grand Launch with all the creators and contributors (well, almost all) together. And I want T-shirts. We'll see what we can pull off.

But for now though, I think I can spare the weekend for some recharge time. New comics are due tonight (latest Fallen Angel and Shanna the She-Devil), and I gotta catch up on some reading, some more hours of Tekken 5 playtime (It made me remember why I love the franchise) and anime watching. Lots of things, so little time. Story of my life. Oh well.

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