Tuesday, July 26

Sexy Next Level Gaming

There was a recent Xbox Gaming Summit held recently in Japan, and it showcased a lot of the upcoming games and developers working on the upcoming Xbox 360 system. Of course, the games that matter for me are the sexy action games, and joy-oh-joy there are some tidbits.
Dead or Alive 4 isn't the only game coming from Tecmo of Japan. The DOA babes continue to be the company's breadwinners, with no less than at least three games coming within the franchise. The flagship fighting sequel DOA4 was shown in a slightly-tweaked trailer (disappointingly too similar to the original DOA4 E3 showing), while a sequel to the hilarious Dead or Alive Xtreme Beach Volleyball has been confirmed. The sequel, titled presently Dead or Alive Xtreme 2, will feature more sports aside from volleyball. Just WHAT these other activities will be remains unknown. DOA Basketball? DOA Tennis? DOA Track and Field? Is there nothing the DOA girls can do?

Another title long in development limbo is Dead or Alive: Code Chronos which was formerly for Xbox but now firmly slated for Xbox 360. Aside from Team Ninja leader Tomonobu Itagaki himself, no one has an idea of what this non-fighting DOA game will be all about. All that is known is that it will star ninja babes Kasumi and Ayane, and will explain more of the DOA world.

Yet another Tecmo title is simply known as Project Progressive and is totally an enigma. Feh.

Finally, another rumored game being worked on by Team Ninja is Ninja Gaiden 2, the sequel to one of the best action games of last year (if not the most graphically striking).

On another company's sexy gaming offering, Konami showed off the first peek into the sequel to their raunchy all-female wrestling title, Rumble Roses. The sequel, known provocatively as Rumble Roses XX will apparently feature tag-team modes and the return of the cast of sexy grapplers. Hopefully better play mechanics and more modes, new femme fatales and next-gen graphics will make RRXX something to look forward to.

Well, DOA4 is supposedly on track for a holiday release as a launch title with the Xbox 360. Given Team Ninja's tendency to miss deadlines, I'm not too confident in this. Bah. As long as they load in a gazillion costumes along with all the bells and whistles ala DOA Ultimate times ten, I'll be happy. It all starts later this year, by end 2005. I

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