Friday, July 22

State of Flux

I downloaded and watched a featurette on the upcoming Aeon Flux movie starring Oscar winner Charlize Theron (Yeah, that's the ticket... after winning the Academy Award, go for a cartoon adaptation!). The short piece shows some footage of Miss Theron still in the un-sexy black outfit doing various jumps and stunts. Yeah, she has the hair down but come on... there could have been a way to show off more skin without having to resort to the original cartoon's g-string and little scraps. But then again, stars have always been able to swing non-nudity clauses or alter designs based on their preferences. Take Jessica Alba in Sin City... she should have been nude in her dancing scene. Oh well. Anyway, Aeon Flux is still looking TV movie-ish, but I'll probably check it out, fan that I am of the old Peter Cheung Liquid Television series. Or maybe I'll be better off watching the AVI episodes I got from Buddha Boy. Whatever.

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