Saturday, August 13

Pocket Arcade

This is how dates work in the Fatal Fury world.

PS games now installed on my PPC Phone: Dead or Alive, Tekken, Star Gladiators, Ehrgeiz, Real Bout Fatal Fury, Time Crisis: Project Titan, Tactics Ogre, Suikoden II.
It’s no Street Fighter III, but Fatal Fury Real Bout is a darn pretty 2-D fighter, and I love the characters and the action. The fact that you can assign special moves to single buttons makes this totally playable.

YES, Suikoden II. Is it actually playable? You’d be surprised. Will I actually play it on the dinky little screen? Not for long (eyestrain will kill me and battery power is limited), but you can’t beat an addictive RPG for time killing if you’re not in the mood for mindless fighting games. The best thing is, I’ve installed it with a save from the original Suikoden, so NOW I can probably try to unlock a certain sidequest that I wasn’t able to do before. Hoho!

Want MORE PS games to rip… more… gotta catch them all…

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