Tuesday, September 20

Sobra Talaga Overtime

I'm STILL at the office, bleary-eyed and STILL at my computer, typing away when I should be snoring my head off at home in The Sanctum. But noooo... The Salt Mine crew has been working on stuff for a big pitch since the weekend, and last night (which was a few hours ago) was the last stretch. The presentation is after lunch, but we still have materials to finish and put together, and there just isn't enough time to go home, get rest, get back and do stuff. So here in the office I stay, until everything's done, including the darn presentation. I may have to try and get some shut-eye sometime before then, or I may conk out on the way there, or draw a blank while presenting.
Hopefully after this there will be some rest... I hope to take tomorrow off, if I can. Body clock's all frazzled. Crossing fingers... gonna need luck to get through this one. Hoping we win so all this wasn't in vain. Sigh.

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