Friday, December 9

Angelic Layers

As I've often talked about here on the blog, my next BIG comics project is The Last Angel Ace Story, which will be my farewell/finale/big event for my first lady in comics, Angel Ace. It's going to be action-packed with comedy, drama, adventure, BIG reveals and BIG battles aplenty. Things are still jumbling about in my head and not everything is in their proper slots yet, and not everything is set in stone but I've got things ready to answer some questions that readers may have.

Will it REALLY be the LAST Angel Ace story? Come on...

In a perfect world, I would be able to afford to come out with an Angel Ace issue every three months or so. If I was, I'd have gone through the whole motions of a series, building up the character and sideplots which would have resulted in a big payoff with the endgame and finale. But I have to recognize that economically, the expenditures for a comic, especially an Angel Ace comic, are not realistically something I can continue to do indefinitely.
I have to be decisive. I have to be economic. So a lot will have to be left to short flashbacks, referencing and dialogue. What I hope to do with TLAAS will be to present a great story inside two covers which communicates this character, Angel Ace, across both to old and new readers. It's a tall order for one book, but I believe it can be done. After this story is done, I can walk away from Angel Ace with no regrets, having been able to tell her story fully. Whether there will be other tales to tell afterwards remains to be seen.

Okay, so what will it be about?

Angel has always been running. Running from her past and just trying to be normal. But the problem is, she isn't normal. She's something that has a purpose, and that purpose is something that will come to haunt her and even explode in her face. Destiny will force Angel to finally face up to who she really is and to face the enemy she's always known was there waiting for her. That final big battle, her secrets revealed and the resolution of her destiny is what the Last Angel Ace Story is about.

So what do we have to look forward to? Big setpieces? Events?

We FINALLY find out what the BIG PLOT behind the entire Angel Ace series is all about- with GMI (Gallowglass Mass Industries Corporation), with series' villain Mondebaine Gallowglass, and so on. There will be BIG, shocking reveals about at least one character's true identity or role. The bad guy finally shows off his powers and his big plot. More sexy SIVA assassin action. Angel kicking butt. And of course, world chaos, despair, the finale and a heartbreaking sacrifice. OUCH!

Will someone (of importance) die?


Will Kai/Agent K be in this?

Yes, Kai will be returning to settle some scores as well as stand by her friend.

Will Koko the dog be revealed as THE IMPERIOUS LEADER behind the whole plot?!


How will it all end?

With a goodbye kiss.

The Last Angel Ace Story is set for a 2006 release. Somehow, someway.

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