Monday, February 27

Walking in Dreamworld

Perhaps it was because of the fact that last week was particularly tiring, or perhaps it was because of my bad stomach... but I had particularly vivid dreams over the weekend. Two in fact were quite memorable and involved journeys into some weird worlds that could easily fit into some comic book or Sci-Fi show.

The first dream is pretty much a 'Trekkie' episode. I found myself appearing in this odd place which was in some ways primitive (adobe buildings, decadent tribal outfits and feasts) and in some ways modern (I eventually find out they have TV). I came into the place as a guest, with several others (who my companions were escapes me). We were allowed to walk around and stay in one of the adobe buildings as our residence. I found myself a bit depressed that there was no electricity and thinking of what I was to do in the place. Later, during a feast with some weird food, a traitor to the place was caught and executed on TV. Yikes. Luckily, before the inevitable part of such stories where we the visitors would outlast our welcome, I woke up.

The second dream started off normally enough- I was at a kind of photo shoot with my college friend. We were taking photos of several pretty models (yeah, only in my dreams) when I suddenly had the hankering for donuts. So I went out to get a box, with the odd recollection that there was a Donut Shop nearby. I soon found myself walking around in streets that seemed familiar yet alien. Ordinary streets soon became sinister as strangers soon began to give chase. I found myself crossing over into yards, grabbing sticks to ward off pursuers and to try to navigate around dead ends. It all felt like some PC graphic adventure game (those point-and-click puzzlers that I was never good at). At one point, I was even being pursued by Agents... yes, Agent Smith from the Matrix, who appeared strangely enough like 2-D images on a wall. ODD.
Anyway, I eventually find myself opening a door and entering what seemed to be a kind of residence/graphic design office/production house kind of building- very modern and multi-floored. There were people around, but like Solid Snake in Metal Gear I navigated around them to try and get out and continue my search for donuts. Eventually I find my way out but it only leads to more streets and still no sign of the elusive pastries.
Thankfully, my cellphone alarm woke me up soon after, and I was pulled away from Dreamtime back to reality. Darn, those were weird dreams. Weirder than usual.

Gosh, I wonder if I can have some donuts delivered?

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