Monday, March 13

My Own Personal Agimat

Today I got my hot copy of Andong Agimat by Arnold Arre straight from the artist/creator himself! I feel very fortunate to be one of the select few to see the latest graphic novel from Arnold in advance, and I am dying to pull open the book and immerse myself in his new epic.
At more than 200 pages, Agimat dwarfs Arnold's Trip to Tagaytay in page count and is on par with After Eden, but short of the mammoth Myth Class volume. The book is also Arnold's first work in tagalog... I rarely hear Arnold TALK in tagalog, let alone write in it, so this will be something. As always though, Arn's distinctive art and character designs already mark this as a must-see for any fan of comics and graphic novels.

Expect a review as soon as I get to read my copy.

Andong Agimat by Arnold Arre will be out early this April at good bookstores and comic shops/stands in the Metro. Something to look out for.

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