Tuesday, March 21


Out of sight but never out of mind. You never see him, but Hugo Weaving is all V.

Last Sunday I got to watch V for Vendetta, the film adaptation of the comics and eventual graphic novel by Alan Moore and David Lloyd. I haven't yet read the actual comics, but I may soon thanks to the film. Set in a near-future England ruled by a fascist, totalitarian government that rules by fear, misinformation and brutality, V for Vendetta centers on two individuals. The first is, obviously, the masked freedom fighter known only as V (Hugo Weaving), a black-garbed avenger who sports a creepily ever-smiling Guy Fawkes mask. The second is Evey Hammond (Natalie Portman), a young woman V saves one night from the secret police. From their first meeting, V and Evey start a relationship that will rock their country and the cruel government that rules it.

This movie, despite being produced by The Wachowski Brothers is not an action-heavy film. There are about two or three scenes of pretty cool swords/knives versus guns action, but for the most part it's a film driven by plot and character. Nevertheless, I was glued to my seat from beginning to satisfying end. Since I haven't seen the graphic novel in its entirety, I can't comment on changes or improvements/faults based on the source material.

Despite this, I found the film to be an excellent watch, from production values to performances all around. Of note of course are Natalie Portman who redeems herself from her horrid Star Wars showings and Hugo Weaving, who seems to be one of my favorite actors now seeing that he's pretty much in most of my fave films. You never see his face, but it IS supposed to be him in the costume, which is odd but pretty cool. Also of note is a Hitler-esque John Hurt as the High Chancellor Sutler, Stephen Rea as the driven Chief Inspector Finch and Stephen Fry as Dietrich, the TV host who sympathizes with V and Evey with tragic results.

But aside from the enjoyment I got watching the film, I have to say that it's also a VERY apt film to watch in this point of our nation's history. Let us hope that we don't have to reach that kind of regime or ever need someone like V.

V for Vendetta is now showing in theaters all around the Metro. Watch it if you can.

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