Saturday, September 23

Never Say Die

The next and perhaps last entry in the popular Die Hard series of films is coming. As expected, Bruce Willis will reprise his role as John McClane, a New York cop who has a knack for being at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was up against Euro-terrorists/hi-tech crooks in the first one, renegade US military troops in the second and an army of rogue German special forces in the third. What has the fourth film have to offer to McClane? ALIENS. McClane will be riding the space shuttle and battling an evil presence which has taken residence in a newly-opened space station.

Just kidding.

Nope, the only space that Die Hard 4 will be entering will be Cyberspace- McClane will be taking on Internet Terrorists who are out to destroy the United States's electronic superstructure. Of course, while they're classified as hackers, the baddies will no doubt have real-world nasties to throw into McClane's way. Also slated to star with Bruce Willis is Hong Kong beauty Maggie Q., last seen alongside Tom Cruise in Mission Impossible III. Q will play a world-class hacker who will be at odds with McClane.

The 4th Die Hard film will be titled Live Free or Die Hard, and will come out sometime in 2007.

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