Monday, October 30

Streetfighter II

Chun Li... Ready for her closeup?

There's a bit of news that there's going to be another Street Fighter live-action movie.



Ahem. Anyway, according to the bit, Hyde Park Entertainment and Capcom are going to team up for a second film adaptation of the classic fighting videogame for release in 2008. This time though, the story will focus not on Guile (last played by the Muscles from Brussels John-Claude Van Damme), but on female Interpol operative Chun Li. Looks like the producers are taking a cue from Tecmo's DOA movie for having a female protagonist. No details on the story yet... it still remains to be seen if this actually happens. We'll just have to wait and see.

Me? I just want Street Fighter IV. Come on, Capcom. Cough it up.

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