Wednesday, April 4

Quality Time

I've been waiting for this. It's Holy Week, the second longest holiday break for us workers in the Philippines. This year, it's five days of sweet bliss and restful lolling around. I'll be of course using the time to catch up on sleep and play Virtua Fighter 5 on the PS3, but I hope to get some more substantial things done during the vacation.

Getting to work on KAI Issue One. Yep, you read that right. KAI, not K.I.A. Since Agent K got her name back at the end of the Anthology, a slight change in the title seemed fitting. As before though, Kai is still in the employ of the KALI mercenary organization, acting as their Prime Assassin and taking on various deadly missions. The new comic will be another anthology, looks like, with short and long stories, but I think I'll be doing most of the work this time around (save maybe for guest art pinups).

Trimming the Unread Comics Pile. Yeah, ever since I started collecting DC Comics' 52, I haven't read a SINGLE ISSUE. I can't stop collecting it, since I've already bought too many issues, so I will try to finally find out what this post-Infinite Crisis title is all about. Heheh...

Getting down with DIVX. I've been having a ball lately, downloading stuff with Bittorrent, but I haven't really watched that much. Ghost Hunt and Black Lagoon were only the first- I should get to watching the other anime titles I've acquired, like the fighting game-esque History's Strongest Disciple: Kenichi, Feudal Era-action Bakumatsu Kikanetsu Irohanihoheto (try saying that three times as fast as you can), sci-fi action title Coyote Ragtime Show and more. Then there are movies I've long wanted to see but haven't, like Monster House, Eragon and Nacho Libre.

And of course, I just need the time to just kick back. It's been a particularly stressful and hectic past month, what with TV shoots, the relatives migrating away and other stuff. This outlet to get all that baggage away is long overdue.

Who needs a frickin' beach? I just need The Sanctum. And some snacks. And some pens and paper. And my desk, DSL connection, my gaming consoles, comic books, PDA-Phone, DVD library and I'm all set.

Happy Holidays, everyone. Now kicking back.


Will said...

hi! same here, i have damn too many unread issues, i think I'm still in issue 17 of 52. The series kind of evolved into a story of its own and no longer necessarily serves its function of filling in the missing year before One Year Later, which was really disappointing for me. But it's still good as a stand alone series i guess.


Luckily, I was able to give myself some 52 reading time. Not a bad series at all, I have to say. I'm quite glad I took the effort and money to collect it. Not bad at all.