Sunday, December 2

War Freak

I love the Discovery Channel and National Geographic channels like no other. However, I seem to detect that these funds for knowledge and learning are also places where the US Military does some of their most subversive advertising. There are TONS and TONS of military specials, war shows and series about weapons, smart munitions and other scary stuff that basically imprints on anyone watching that the Americans are FREAKY armed like hell and no one should dare mess with them.

Which is fine, whatever. I just find myself just cringing whenever I watch the show Futureweapons with the bald-headed ex-Navy SEAL host almost oozing with GLEE as he shows off piece after piece of murderous hardware designed to blow human bodies up into little-bitty chunks. Morbid, but fascinating stuff. But yeah, I wouldn't mess with the US military...


Vin said...

Glee is right! I agree with you- that host just enjoys showing off the many ways the US military can get you a tad too much.
They even have a Doomsday special about how close we were to nuclear annihilation during the Cold War. Scary stuff.
But I do still love Discovery. The other features like Deadliest Catch- about Alaskan Crab fishermen is cool. And I can't get enough of Meerkat Manor on Animal Planet too.

Ed said...

I wish I have cable...still no plans of getting plugged.

Meercats are cute. I wish I could watch that show.

I think after 9-11 Americans became paranoid on threats from other countries that are against them. It's like what Bruce Banner's "don't make me angry" thing.