Saturday, February 2

Coming to Manila

Michiko's on the way...

I have to say, response to Ninja Girl KO! in the pages of Mangaholix Presents has been quite good, and I'd like to thank Emman and Ian of Groundbreakers, Inc. for giving me and Kriss Sison the opportunity to bring our characters to the Pinoy manga fan. Rest assured, while there has been a bit of a delay, the next issue of Ninja Girl KO! is on the way, and it looks just as slick, cute and funny as the first issue. Look for this in stores late February or so.

On my own end, I still plan to do comics on the side, albeit I have been sidetracked quite a bit by work and other stuff. It simply is too expensive to go the self-publishing route without having your full heart and wallet into the endeavor, so I'll only move when the going is good. Just the same, I want to have stuff out this year, so stay tuned for that.

Anyway, work beckons. Back to mining salt.

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