Monday, February 25

Sobra Talaga sa Overtime

Since last week, I haven't had a weekend yet. After Friday night, work just kept on going into Saturday, Sunday and today (which is a holiday). When a pitch strikes, there's nothing to do but keep at it until the last minute. That's the way it's been done for years, and it won't stop anytime soon. On the bright side, it should all be over tomorrow, so then hopefully I can ease off and take a break to make up for the three weeks or so that I haven't been to the mall for my comics or to anywhere aside from home for sleep in recent memory.

On another bright side, I seem to have cut down a lot on spending since most of my meals are provided for and I haven't really had any chance to spend on anything aside from taxi fare for the past month or so. So I guess it's not all dim. My one and only hope after all this is that we actually win this darn thing so it will have been all worth it. Crossing fingers then.

Back to regular thought processes (and regular blogging) once I have recuperated...

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