Tuesday, March 25


Man, it feels like the last C3Con was just last week, and now there's another big comic/manga convention coming. Nicely enough, it's closer to me though. The M3Con or Mangaholix Manga Mania: AniManGaming Convention 08 will be held this coming May 31, 2008 (Saturday) at Hall 4 of the SMX Convention Center (next to Mall of Asia), and of course it's from Groundbreakers Inc., makers of Mangaholix Presents. Aside from the tons of toys, games, cosplayers, anime and manga, there will be of course lots of focus on indie artists and comic-creators ready to show off their latest locally-made manga and comics. Registration is now going on for both the Indie Bazaar and a cool 10-page Comic Creation Competition. Details can be found here.

I guess I'll be there with the rest of the Mangaholix Crew (whether I want to or not, I was informed... heh-heh), and we'll be there showing off our stuff as well, showing the budding Manga-kas how we do things. Fates be willing, we'll also have the latest issues of Mangaholix (along with the next episodes of Ninja Girl KO! of course) available for all. Hopefully we'll also have lots of local comics personalities, be they into manga or not, there to just hang out and have fun. See you all there in May then!

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