Sunday, July 20

And So It Ends

Avatar Ends.

Today, the finale to Avatar: The Last Airbender aired. The conclusion to the story of Avatar Aang was a 'movie' consisting of four back-to-back-to-back-to-back episodes.

I haven't watched the finale yet, though I have seen the previous two episodes- 3.16 The Southern Raiders (kinda underwhelming) and 3.17 The Ember Island Players (pretty funny and cool). There was a bit of a lull before the finale, so I'll be going into the climax with a clear head.

Man, this series has been awesome throughout... I can't believe it's over. I do hope that the creators still decide to revisit the amazing, deep and beautiful world they have made, and somehow give us more of the beloved characters we have seen. Anyway, there's also still the live-action movies from M. Night Shyamalan someday, so what the heck. Review of the finale to follow soon.


Elbert said...

It's wonderful wonderful excellent galing :)


Just watched it. Man, that was truly wonderful. ^_^ AWESOME ending indeed to an awesome series.