Sunday, July 13

Waiting for Knightfall

This week, one of the most awaited superhero flicks is set to arrive in our local theaters. I freaking missed The Incredible Hulk, I'll be freaking damned if I miss The Dark Knight. Yeah, though I can't watch Batman Begins in full ever again after realizing it was actually a pretty boring, overlong biopic/origin story with an Sith-like Qui-Gon Jinn in the place of what should have been Ra's Al Ghul, the sequel looks thoroughly amazing.

I won't hide that much of my anticipation stems from what appears to be a truly bad-ass interpretation of The Joker by the late Heath Ledger. The few reviews I've read online have been glowing in their praise of the actor's final performance, a masterpiece of psychotic villainy. Perhaps this is the Joker we've all been waiting to see- the madman from A KIlling Joke finally given cinematic life, far from the initial mark made by Jack Nicholson in the original Batman flick.

Darker, disturbing and powerful. That's what the film has been described as. I freaking can't wait. Later this week, or over the weekend. I'm gonna have me one Hell of a Knight.

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