Saturday, August 16

OMG! Blade of the Immortal ANIME!

The Immortal Manji. In animation.

Just this night, a bit of surfing let me discover something utterly awesome (well, for me). One of my all-time favorite manga- Hiroaki Samura's ultraviolent punk-samurai epic, Blade of the Immortal- is finally an anime! I've been a bit out of touch with the anime scene of late, but THIS is truly something I've been waiting for, well, FOREVER!

The TV anime series will be animated by Bee Train, which is responsible for the .Hack series and the suspense anime Noir. Seiyuu Tomokazu Seki, famous for roles like Van in Escaflowne, will voice the immortal Manji, while Rina Satou (Negi in Negima) will voice heroine/sidekick Rin Asano. The rest of the voice cast was also announced, and already include characters like Anotsu Kagehisa to Makie Kotono-Tachibana as well as Hyakurin and Giichi.

Revenge-driven Rin Asano.

To date, two episodes are out, and I will be watching them over the weekend. Awesome.

MAN! This is so great. Finally something to get me watching anime again. WOOHOO!!!

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