Monday, August 18

Returning to the Source

Having a Blade of the Immortal anime is all well and good... but darn, the manga is where it all started and where you get the whole story, raw, unadulterated and uncensored. Sadly, while I religiously collected the issues years ago, some weird thing with Dark Horse Publishing happened that prevented local distributor Comic Quest from acquiring the title. I was forced to stop, and now I'm pretty much backlogged with my BOTI fixes. Well, that should change pretty soon. I just went and ordered a truckload of graphic novels online, so I'll hopefully be back in the know soon. Ultimately, I think this was all for the best- single issues of BOTI were about as substantial as cotton candy, so it's better to just wait for graphic novel/trade paperbacks to collect the chapters before I dive into a chapter.

It'll take a couple of orders, but I'll have the whole collection eventually. Gosh, I love the internet.

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