Monday, October 6

Remembering Twister

I came home tonight and caught Jan de Bont's Twister on HBO. Now, despite all the less-than-stellar reviews that this blockbuster got, I am quite ready to say at anytime that this nature-action film is one of my favorite movies ever. There's such a coolness about the film- how it actually made a bunch of weirdo scientists/thrillseekers a gang you almost would want to run into a tornado's path with. The effects were pretty awesome, the music was great (still trying to find the score to this day) and the whole film is just... FUN. This was a good-natured flick that just hit the right notes with me, sappy love story aside. Little funny tidbit... I finally realized that one of the cast, the happy-go-lucky 'Dusty', was played by none other than Philip Seymour Hoffman! MAN! Looking at him then, you'd never think that the guy would go on to play far more serious charaters and roles, from Truman Capote to the cold-blooded Owen Davian in Mission Impossible 3. That's pretty cool.

Man, it was great to just see the flick and reminisce watching it in theaters years ago. Those were the days.

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