Wednesday, December 31

Looking Back

Here I am, typing away in The Sanctum, where I've been vegging out for the past week. Due to the current clime of holiday traffic and crowds, I have decided to just quit cold turkey with any idea of venturing into malls. Staying home and just Staying Still is the Thing, but that doesn't mean I'm meditating on some higher truth... actually I'm just enjoying the stuff I've squirreled away all these past months but never really got into. Actually, there's so much stuff I doubt I'll finish them all by the time work begins again, but hopefully I'll make a big dent in the backlog.

Anyway, the past year. Man, the past year. It wasn't the best of times. But that's for the world in general, I guess. For me... well... it was a year of working and working and living and working and just getting along. As usual, I got along fine. I have stuff to be thankful for- in work, basically having a pretty great job and a great workplace I continue to enjoy going to and people I enjoy being around with. That's all you can ask for in this challenging economic bunghole we're all in. The next year won't be any easier, but well, it should be cool to keep the thing working as long as we can, as best as we can.

For me, the Comic scene wouldn't outwardly be anything special- I didn't publish any comic by myself. However, I can probably say that this year was my most successful in my comic 'career', thanks to Mangaholix, who let me create Ninja Girl KO! with my art master partner Kriss Sison. Hopefully 2009 will see more and more adventures of Michiko and Anton reach more readers here and, well, wherever. Even so, I STILL do hope to do other stuff with pen and page, so wish me luck. There's a comic yearning to break free into the wild from my head, I just need to tear it out and give it... wings.

There are other stuff too. I'm looking forward to games, comics, movies and other fun stuff in 2009. What's the next cool gadget I can get into? Will there be a new iPhone? A new Do-it-All device? Man, I think we're all going to be blown away by the stuff coming based on what came last year.

Yeah it's going to be hard next year, but hey... it's always hard. What else is new. Just the New Year, and whatever we have before us. That's all we have, and all we need. See you in 2009, everyone.

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