Saturday, August 1

Cory Aquino, 1933-2009

Today, the day was gray and overcast, rain falling like tears, as if to let us know someone we all knew and loved had passed away. I heard from Mom that President Corazon C. Aquino was gone. Though I cared little for politics, especially now, I found myself feeling the grief. In this day and age, when there are few heroes and inspirations among Filipinos, where everyone in government is tainted and suspect, one person could always be seen as true. And that, I believe, somehow, was Tita Cory. The housewife and widow turned leader of the country and people, and even after her term, a surrogate mother for the Pinoy, a moral center and heart to a people. To the end, she was a beacon of courage and hope. Truly... she represented the best the Filipino could be, in the most trying of circumstances. Hero

The Philippines' Madame President. The Best-loved President of the Philippines. A True Hero.

Salamat, Tita Cory. Farewell. May God and Ninoy welcome you to your rest with open arms. You deserve no less.

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