Wednesday, December 9

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki Announced!

The super-cute kunoichi finally gets her due.

What a treat!!! Udon Comics just announced the next title in their Streetfighter Legends line; Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki is a 4-issue limited series that stars the mega-popular ninja girl from Capcom's Streetfighter 3 games. The comic will take on Ibuki's adventures as she juggles her ninja training, battles with rival Geki Ninja and high school hi-jinx all at the same time. All this, PLUS a crazy karate girl named Makoto! Will she even make it to lunch hour?

Man, it's no exaggeration for me to say that this is a dream come true. Ibuki is easily my favorite character in the Streetfighter games, and was the primary inspiration for my own Ninja Girl KO! Having her in a comic of her own is beyond awesome. This is surely a sideways confirmation hopefully of Ibuki's appearance in the upcoming Super Streetfighter IV game, which is also set for Spring next year. Man, lotsa Ninja Girl awesomeness! I gotta lie down. Hahaha!

Streetfighter Legends: Ibuki, with story by Jim Zubkavich and art by Omar Dogan, is set for launch in March 2010.

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