Tuesday, July 6

Full Metal Alchemist Ends Again! (Anime)

Seeya, Ed!

It was just several weeks ago that I posted about the ending of the Full Metal Alchemist manga, and now here's the ending of the anime version. Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood takes its final curtain call at Episode 64. The last ep was all epilogue, giving the cast of characters their due desserts and resolutions. The anime version alters/improves on some aspects from the original manga ending. All in all, it was a great send-off, and the emotional parts were handled superbly with the gravity and emotion needed for a good impact.

It's nice to note that FMAB's endings, at least for the main heroes, are not vague as is often the case with anime. It's no surprise who ends up with who, but more with that they actually show us quite a bit, which is lovely. From all indications, the lands of Amestris, Xing Et Al are in a new Golden Age, free of machinations by evil forces, open to exploration and adventure. Who's willing to bet that Ed's kids will grow up to be master alchemists like their dad, uncle and granddad? Perhaps if Arakawa-san sees it fit, we'll see the next generation of Elrics go on their own adventures someday.

There's actually a bit more FMAB to come, surprisingly- apparently there's a movie version coming, though what it contains will probably be more of a summary of the series rather than any continuation. It will be nice to see what it turns out to be, I guess.

In any case, it's been a wild ride. Few titles hit me with the impact that FMA has, and none but FMA has hit me like this TWICE. Awesome, just freaking awesome. Good thing I can always rewatch and enjoy this classic anytime. Later then!

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