Monday, February 14

Bringing Back the MADness

Lately I've been trimming the fat a bit from my online fingerprint. This has resulted in the passing away of my two sites for my comics Angel Ace and K.I.A.. However, I simply couldn't bring myself to do away with this particular site- Stark Raving MAD, my personal online journal, was my first-ever blog and I think it's a significant chunk of who I am, or was, for 8 years (and counting). I think it's worth capturing life and times from my eyes in this little pocket of the web.

So, I'm resolving to post here on SRM a lot more often, be it about my hopefully to-be-rejuvenated comic book pastime, anything about pop culture (the odd movie rant or review) and anything I encounter deem blogging about. Whether I have just one reader or none at all, I'll continue speaking my mind here- I'm a MADman, after all.

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zemzelett said...

Ah, good thing I forgot to remove this blog from my bookmarks list. :)

Also, Angel Ace reboot: IT MUST HAPPEN.