Tuesday, August 17

Dream Wars

This morning I dreamt of a battle scene which looked like something from Saving Private Ryan except with superheroes.

I saw large numbers of caped and costumed characters alongside squads and squads of regular soldiers, charging forward in a cratered, desert landscape. Sometimes explosions would rock the landscape, sending bodies and body parts flying- Yes, even the costumed guys died. It was kinda cartoony though- about as gory as a contemporary RTS computer game.
The highlight was watching the dream's 'main character', who looked pretty much like the Terminatrix from T3, charge forward, using her shapechanging powers and fighting skills to wade through squads of enemy troopers. The climax was the T-X charging into a cave, and then exploding out, locked in battle with a robotic triceratops.

Battle ended, troops cheered, heroes were victorious... and I woke up.

It must have been the pizza dinner.

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