Monday, August 16

Local Justice

On the local news I watched a video taken by the Philippine Air Force as a squadron of helicopters and bombers poured hundreds of bombs and thousands of ammo rounds into a couple of houses on a tiny island in Maguindanao. According to the PAF, this was proof of the death of a feared Kidnap-for-Ransom gang leader and 15 henchmen. Of course, there was really no footage of the bodies... but the Armed Forces rep said that they were 100 perfect sure that their 'surgical strike' was totally accurate.

On other recent news, a man was supposedly killed then cooked and EATEN in a case of apparent cannibalism. The police found the site where the body was apparently burned, tramping across the scene like a pack of wild elephants no doubt. Of course, there are no CSI departments here to tell how many people were at the scene, what actually happened to the victim, or any pertinent data. All the police have to go on in liey of any forensic evidence is eye-witness accounts, confessions (often achieved via torture) and... MY WORD AGAINST YOURS!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Well! Doesn't that make me feel safe. Gah.

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