Monday, September 20

Mega Phone Lust

My future phone: The Sony Ericsson P910.

Yet again, phonelust rears its ugly head. An officemate of mine got himself a spiffy new P900, and it's the first time I really got to look at the model up close. Of course, there's no way in the world that I am replacing my 7610 with the P900... the memory is much too small- it only supports Memory Stick Duo, which has a max capacity of 128 MB. But I have to say I love the HUGE screen. It makes it a natural wonder to play my fave Symbian app, Smartmovie on. Even just videos recorded with the P900 look a lot better, and can be viewed fullscreen at any time.
Well, while the P900 is not tempting me, its upcoming predecessor IS. The Sony Ericsson P910 is the smartphone's successor; a slight hardware and software-upgraded model which is basically a P900 with a much better screen (262K as opposed to the 65K of the P900), added QWERTY keyboard and best of all, upgraded memory capacity. The P910 has about 96 MB combined onboard memory, and it is compatible with Memory Stick PRO, which has capacities reaching into the 1 Gigabyte or more capacities. A GIG of data space. DAAMNN!!! That's a whole lot of videos, music, pictures and data to carry with you.
Just think. 1000 MB means literally dozens of anime episodes anytime, anywhere. The whole LOTR trilogy could fit with tons of space to spare. Whole seasons worth of entertainment in your pocket. Hours of trailers and game videos. Countless PORN. Heh.

And it's coming. The P910 is slated to come to Philippine phone shops by next month or so from the official source, Sony Ericsson. I am not sure, but rumors have already been spreading of local P910 sightings already (and some bigshots at the Telecom companies probably already have it by now). Well, I haven't seen any yet in the ol' haunts. Not yet.
But really, it's not like I can buy one at the drop of a hat... It's bound to come at an UNHOLY price, and the price of a 1 Gigabyte Memory Stick won't be something easy to swallow, either. Especially when I have projects like K.I.A. and Angel Ace in the works. No, this is something that I have to dream about for the time being, but I'm almost certain that if I change phones again, it'll be for this monster.

If and when I have the means... we'll see. Mmmm....

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