Thursday, September 23

My Kind of Game

Evil Genius by Vivendi Universal is one of the hottest upcoming games on the PC right now. The premise is simply awesome; you don the white lab coat and monicle of an underworld mastermind, ready to take over this little mudball with your armies of thugs, sleazy femme fatales, crazed hitmen and the weirdest schemes this side of Dr. Drakken. Yep, you get the play the evil genius, via a hilarious RTS/Strategy game. Though this kind of twisted anti-hero theme isn't totally new- Dungeon Keeper had you as the master of a dark stronghold, breeding goblins and demons as you strive to do away with any party of adventurers and goody-goody knights that come wandering in. But the novel theme of being a James Bond-esque baddie is so choice... finally, we can all live out our megalomaniacal fantasies as our own image of Ernst Stavros Blofeld and SPECTRE... and this time, YOU get to torture 00's to your pleasure. Mehehehehehe.... MMmmm... I wonder if this game comes with laser-beam equipped man-eating sharks? HOHO...

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