Monday, October 18

Anime Acquired

Over the weekend I got myself a bunch of new anime. Among them, the last 3 episodes of Inu Yasha, the rest of the episodes of Tenjou Tenge, a new disc for Samurai Champloo, and new stuff called School Rumble and Bleach. The lemon of the bunch turned out to be one of the most promising- a VCD copy of the new Ghost in the Shell 2: Innocence movie. The copy was pretty horrible; it looked like a film-transfer, which gave me deja vu to the days when VCDs were being hawked on the streets and cheap DVDs were unheard of. I decided to set the copy aside and wait for a clear version that will do the film justice.
Anyway, watched the Inu Yasha finale, and felt a twinge of sadness. It's over. No more adventures with Dog-Boy for the near future. But it was nice to see the last three episodes, which contained events that I had only seen previously in the manga version. Tenjou Tenge has disappointed me as a series- it seems to dwell constantly in flashbacks, and not enough realtime action. I'll reserve final judgement when I watch several more episodes, but it's not as appealing to me as before.

With Inu Yasha done, I'm looking for a new adventure series to chew into- top of the list is the ninja title Naruto, which I already have about 20 episodes ready to watch (more than a hundred are already out though). I guess I have to eventually watch the rest of Scrapped Princess and Last Exile. Well, we'll see if I can squeeze them in as I work on K.I.A. in the next couple of weeks.

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