Wednesday, October 20

W.I.T.C.H Warrior

Who needs frickin' magic when you can kick butt like Orube?

I found a reason to start reading W.I.T.C.H. again. Her name is Orube, the newest member of the five heroines in Disney's magical-girl team comic zine. Replacing the rebellious Taranee, the exotic-looking young lady seems quite out of place among the elemental magic-wielding witches, with her gi-type costume and martial arts. And predictably, she's gonna step on some toes and cause a bit of trouble thanks to her lone wolf attitude. But of course, if there's a Will (pun intended), there's a way for Orube to eventually find her niche in the team. Whether or not Taranee ever returns as a full-duty guardian, I hope they keep Orube around as a member or ally of the Witches. I'm a sucker for martial arts babes, and her design is pretty cool. Finally at least, there's gonna be butt-kicking action in a Disney comic. Excellent.

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