Friday, June 24

Please Let it be so...

Is FFVII indeed coming to PS3?

Now I want this. I really, really want this. According to EGM's (Electronic Gaming Monthly) Rumor Corner, a PS3 version of the classic Final Fantasy VII is being worked on, a conversion that will include graphical enhancements to bring it up to par visually with the upcoming CG movie, Advent Children. Now, would anyone be interested in a PSOne RPG spruced up with some fancy CG and graphics?

HELL YES. I'd buy it in a second. Just streamline the gameplay and transitions, make the in-game character models the equal of the cinema models, have seamless interweaving into the cinematics and insert the FFVII Advent Children as an extra IN the disc (or unlockable for playing after you beat the game, as a sequel to the FFVII ending), and I am sold. I am still a firm believer that FFVII is, bar none, the best FF out there. Arguably FFVI comes close in terms of sheer gameplay fun, great cast of characters and story, but FFVII revs up everything with probably the most involving story, graphics and gameplay of the tiime. Everything else afterwards just doesn't measure up. Not the sugary-sweet Final Fantasy 90210 (FF8) that tries very hard to equal the magic but fails miserably to even tell a cohesive story. Not the totally forgettable Final Fantasy IX. Final Fantasy X has a pulse, a great story and ups the ante with voice acting and great eye candy, but still falls short. FFXII? I'm not even excited over it, really.

FFVII on the PS3. Darn... let it be true. Let it be true.

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