Thursday, September 14


The monumental, iconic Neon Genesis Evangelion is a vital part of my anime history. A true classic, this 26-episode series had it all; everything that is good with anime. Awesome action, a complex plot with sinister conspiracies and gripping mystery, likeable and deep characters and quite a bit of fan service. Unfortunately, I can say that I only truly liked this series from the start to the middle; the ending started killing off characters seemingly without sense and the psychosis that gnawed at each cast members' minds seemed to just eat them into destruction; soon, beloved characters were dying left and right, and everything literally being broken down into a wet mess. The endings of both the actual TV series and the resulting 2 'movies' were inconclusive at best, horrid and messy collision crashes at worst. What the fuck was the point of it all? Was Shinji one spineless jerk-off after all?

Well, the series gets another try in the near future. Apparently the NGE franchise will be revived in two ways- one, of course, is via the still-in-development live-action film (of which I have absolutely no idea of the condition of). The other way, which I just found out about, is through FOUR new feature animated movies.

Of the four, the first two will supposedly re-tell the classic original series, re-using the old footage but with slick editing and perhaps new backgrounds to make all the old stuff look new again.
The last two anime movies will supposedly be all-new, and will give a more decisive and FINAL finale to this title.

So, who will still die or live at the end of the next Evangelion? We'll just have to wait and see.

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