Wednesday, September 13

Pinoy Big Brother

"The Animal", Dave Batista was here in Manila for a few days to promote the upcoming WWE Smackdown Survivor Series Tour in Manila. The big but soft-spoken superstar no doubt captured the hearts of Filipinos with his friendly demeanor and his pride in his motherland, shown by his recent tattoo of the Philippine flag, added alongside the Greek flag tattoo on his left shoulder.
It's really a shame for me that Batista's rise to face had to slow down due to injury months ago; he was really on a roll then and could have, in another world, become a truly memorable WWE Heavyweight Champion (currently, the WWE title holder is King Booker). Still, his fame is strong among fans, and hopefully he'll continue to rise once again in the WWE's power ladder.

I don't think I'll be watching the WWE show in Araneta this October- it's a bit late to get tickets and I really don't have anyone to go there with, but I'm sure it will be a cool show and Batista will be embraced fully by the local wrestling fans. Take care, Big Dave! I'll be watching Jack TV on the meantime as always for my WWE fix.

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