Friday, December 8

Early Christmas

The Salt Mines had it's Christmas Party yesterday, which was a nice little shindig with good music (care of the Madrigal Singers Choir), good food and lots of lovely people. Everyone was in their formal wear, given the party's theme of "Hollywood Glam". It was, incidentally, my first time to ever wear a suit (at least, the jacket) to an occasion. Aside from the eating and the singing and some dancing (or attempts to dance, on my part), there was lots of mingling with our clients into the night. A raffle held later didn't yield anything for me, which is nothing new. Heh.

The worst thing though about celebrating your office Christmas party early is, as our boss mentioned, that NO ONE wants to work anymore afterwards. Well, there's still a couple of weeks to go before closing the door on the Salt Mines for the year, so we're going to have to cope. Somehow. Oh well.

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