Wednesday, December 6

Tekken for the PS3...

... is Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection???

Just hot off the news press of Famitsu Weekly in Japan is this somewhat irritating bit of news. Apparently, since obviously Namco is nowhere near ready to announce anything about the phantom sequel, Tekken 6, they're putting up this little hold-over to keep fighting fanatics busy. Based off the arcade version of Tekken DR, which powered the excellent PSP version, Tekken 5: Dark Resurrection for the PS3 will be available for download from the Playstation Network in the near future.
The PS3 version will feature full 1080p visuals and have a playable Boss (the ultra-cheap Jinpachi with his man-high fireballs... yay) as an extra. The various game modes will be updated to the PS3.

Okay. This is just... nothing. I already have the PSP version, which is already great and upgraded from the barebones arcade game. The PS2 version still works just fine. Now, what else can they do with this oldie for the PS3? CG-quality updated skins? New costumes? The playable cheapo boss does NOTHING for me. While arguably the best Tekken in years, this game is old news. I want Tekken 6. If I am going to get a PS3 fighting game with a title that ends with '5', it's going to have to start with the words 'Virtua Fighter'. Damn straight.

This is just a delay tactic, a stop-gap gimmick, all I can say. I don't even know if we non-Japanese or non-US people can download the thing (hopefully we will be able to drink from the PS Network pool as well). In any case, this reeks of 'Tekken 6 is still in Limbo, chew on this for a while'. Feh.

But if they give us bikini outfits for the girls, I'll bite. Hahaha.

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