Tuesday, January 30

War on Widescreen

Tonight I popped in a dvd of War of the Worlds (the Tom Cruise flick) and watched it on the new LCD TV. It was pretty cool, to say the least, to see the flick almost in the same way I first saw it in a theater. Great picture, great sound... sweet. Unfortunately I had to turn down the sound a bit, to keep the neighbors from thinking there's a real alien invasion going on. Maybe I should invest in some nice surround-sound earphones.

Anyway, I still like the Steven Spielberg megged-survival horror action flick. Like the effects- awesome deathrays- like the desperate feel, like the creepy moments and all-out devastation scenes. I still HATE THE FRICKIN' KIDS. BAH. I totally identify with Tom Cruise's character. The aliens didn't scare me as much as those two freaky kids. Oh well. Good movie night anyways. Heh.

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