Friday, April 13

A Taste of India

It's FRIDAY the 13th, but so far it's been a pretty swell day. The Salt Miners all got together and went out to have lunch at a newly opened restaurant across the street, New Bombay. As you'd expect, it was all hot and spicy Indian food like Chicken Tandoori, Chicken Masala, Naan breads and other exotic dishes heavy with spices and tongue-searing tastes. My own order was Chicken Keema, which was diced boneless chicken in a spicy gracy. I ate it spread-like on hot and chewy-crispy pieces of buttered Naan bread, which was lovely. Afterwards, we all had a taste of Indian ice cream, which came spiced with stuff like saffron- I described it as tasting like an ice cream Lush would come out with. Part dessert, part perfume, but pleasant and odd in a nice way.

Given that we're always looking for good places to have a nice meal, we'll surely be back soon in New Bombay. Once can't live on Chinese, Japanese, Persian, Mexican and Convenience store cuisine all the time. Heh.

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