Saturday, April 14

Tekken 6 Tidbits

Finally, the secret's out...

An interview with Namco producer Katsuhiro Harada has revealed some juicy facts about Tekken 6.

First off, the controversy about new character Leo's gender is now apparently over- Harada has officially stated that he's a SHE. Now, why Leo (or is it Leona?) would cross-dress or pretend to be a guy remains to be seen.

Next up, is usable customization items... It's already been seen in the trailer where Bryan Fury draws his shotgun and juggles an opponent. Well, all characters will have an 'item move', though not all will be as effective- for example, Anna's item move will be throwing her high heeled shoes at her opponent. Wild!

All characters will have new animations. In terms of gameplay, many will have gameplay tweaks and changes- Lei Wulong's laying-down stances will now play differently, and will play more similarly to characters like Lei Fei and Shun Di from VF5. Marshall Law will move more authentically as a Jeet Kun Do fighter.

The most drastic change will be to Yoshimitsu, whose storyline will involve his sword losing power- he'll have to master a couple of totally new fighting styles, including a Manji-style 'Kenjutsu' style. This will make him even more challenging to use, thus branding him an 'expert' character.

Tekken 6 looks like it's going to be loads of fun. I can't wait to see more of this game when it comes out later this year in arcades and in early 2008 on the PS3.

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