Monday, May 28

Divine Divinity

Goddess Llyra takes flight.

I love action figures- particularly action figures of sexy action heroines and anime/videogame babes. I've already got a small army of these protecting The Sanctum and my workstation at The Salt Mines, and that family just got a little bit bigger. My latest acquisition is Goddess Llyra, part of the Spawn Series 31 action figures. This figure is inspired by the character of the same name that appears in the one-shot comic Spawn: Godslayer, a warrior goddess who protects the island of Endra-La from invaders. This brings her into conflict with a mysterious ravager known as Marauder Spawn, who has come to, well, slay gods.

Now, while I am usually impressed by the quality of McFarlane figures, I haven't been particularly pleased by the actual designs of their warrior women series- I dislike the generic look of a lot of them, with their face-paints, bondage-style outfits and big, bulky boots that make them look like elephant half-breeds. Llyra however, is quite different. She doesn't have much in the way of gaudy decor with her pretty minimal metallic costume and ornaments; her face is gorgeous and devoid of face paint or any angsty scars or prosthetic crap, and her pleasantly bare legs and feet are finely sculpted.

She's a pretty glorious and fantastic representation of the female form (albeit a four-armed female form), in a magnificent pose that has her taking off into the air, flaming sword raised for battle. From head to toe, the detail in the figure is amazing. She doesn't have much in the way of articulation aside from her arms and waist, but the pose is pretty much perfect as it is. The flowing cloth around her waist extends downward to form into the figure's base, which is supposed to carry the figure and hold it aloft in 'flight'. She comes with a couple of black metal rods that you attach for support and prevent sagging over time. Not too obtrusive, thankfully. It does take a bit of assembly (getting on the wings is particularly stiff), and her sword tends to come apart easily, but once she's put together, she's a vision.
I'm also happy as well since Llyra's overall look and pose is so similar to an Aspen Studios' Kiani statue that I've been ogling online but will probably never get since it's priced at over three hundred dollars (AAARHHH). In any case, Llyra is simply divine (saw that coming, didn't ya?). I like her so much that I also got the comic in which she appears, and really, the figure is far more beautiful than Jay Anacleto's artworks of the character.

I'm also now actively looking for more femme fatales from McFarlane (the goddess needs some underlings to serve her, after all) despite the fact that I am fast running out of space to put these beauties. I'll just worry about crossing that bridge when I get there. Heh.

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