Saturday, June 2

Soulful Anticipation

As if my post about Soul Calibur was kind of a prophetic sign, it has been announced by 1Up that their magazine counterpart, Electronic Gaming Monthly, will be revealing news about the latest sequel in the Tales of Souls and Swords in their upcoming July issue.

First news of a new Soul Calibur game was that of a Wii action-adventure spinoff. At the time though, word of a true sequel to Soul Calibur III was already well-known. Here's another slash into the right direction. It's been a while since the last game, and I'm just really giddy with glee at the prospects of PS3 or Xbox360-quality graphics and gameplay with the SC cast. Character Creation, new warriors, weapons and lavish CG cinematics are just a few of the goodies expected in this coming hit. Hopefully we'll all be sticking each other with our beloved blades in the next few months.

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