Monday, June 11

Rare Pleasures

There are few things more satisfying and enjoyable as a long weekend. In this day and age of hectic jobs, sleep deprivation and pending responsibilities, an extension to your far-too-short my time is always something to be savoured. In my case, I'll probably just waste it away with sleep, surfing the web, going on aimless videogame sessions or DVD marathons. Or working on comic pages or scripts. Rarely do I really go out to the malls unless someone like my friend Pot comes by with his car, or someone else gives me a holler. It's much nicer to just stay home and recharge. Perhaps I'm getting a bit too old already.

This week will actually be a prolonged break for me- I'll be taking the rest of the week off after Tuesday and be on leave until next week. I'll try to make the most of this extended break. Or not. I'll do what I can, is all I can say.

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