Friday, June 8

They're Baaaaack...

After a pretty long hiatus, Ghost Hunters are back on air with new episodes. The latest episode- the 7th installment of the 3rd Season- has TAPS (The Atlanta Paranormal Society) continuing their Ireland tour with a visit to some creepy ruins supposedly being inhabited by faeries, and then to a London pub built on the location of a former prison. The ruins proved the more fruitful venue, with eerie figures showing up on the thermal cameras and even what appeared to be a sinister, spooky face manifesting on video.

The next episode looks to be a mix of gasps and laughs as TAPS takes on a place called the Hellfire Caves, as well as what may be a creepy wax museum. I don't expect these episodes to hit local cable until there are more episodes out- but at the very least, there will be 12 episodes to be shown starting this June for the rest of 2007, and the popular series is already set to continue in 2008. Lotsa scary fun to look forward to. Whoopie!

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