Sunday, December 23

Cartoony Christmas

It's the Christmas break, FINALLY, after a pretty long but eventful and ultimately rewarding year. Last week, the Salt Mines celebrated Christmas in a simple but rousing party that was made merry simply for the company. I am really thankful that I am able to work with people I really like and who apparently like me- enough to vote me one of the two most popular Creatives in our department. HO HO! It's nice to be appreciated, and certainly nicer to get a prize for it. Of course, the office Christmas party wasn't the end of the week, but for the rest of the remaining work days of 2007 we just spent the time winding down to the holiday.

Last night, I attended the Comic Quest gang Christmas party at Vin's place. There, we spent the night just enjoying the night air and each other's company, and experienced weirdness like El experiencing a sugar high thanks to his first-ever taste of a Krispy Kreme donut, a photo tour of Jamie and Iyay's honeymoon in the US and an odd half hour of watching 80's cartoon openings on Youtube. Certainly an odd way of celebrating Christmas, but damn fun.

I don't really have much planned for the Christmas break other than the obvious luxuries of oversleeping, enjoying holiday food, catching up on comics reading and videogame-playing and a little bit of shopping. I'll save some serious stuff- like planning the activities in comics for the next year- after Christmas Day itself.

For now, it's kinda weird to have to spend Christmas with just my nuclear family of Mom, Dad and myself, but with a good internet connection and Skype, our loved ones are not out of sight or out of mind. Technology is so grand, isn't it?

Happy Holidays, people! Be safe and happy wherever you are.

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